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The New Year has started off well, school started and is moving fast. So below are just a couple shots that were taken the night of the 31st, New Years Eve. I thought you guys would enjoy them considering they are awesome!!! Anyways I am noting going to write about my New Years Resolutions because […]

Pam and John contacted me through Lindy Fuller, a good friend of mine. They came over from Texas and we spent the day taking some sweet stuff. What is amazing though is that the one day they decide to come to “Sunny” Santa Barbara, Yep you guessed it, it was raining. But we didn’t let […]

Another wonderful Sunset.. WOW!!… Just sitting out there watching the haze and the colors build as the sun went down today was awesome. Santa Barbara is pretty amazing at times. Everyday is amazing and we should all go enjoy the nature that is around us no matter where we are. It is there everyday, take […]

Soooooooooo…This post is directly related to Josh Newton and Bobby Earle’s trip to Thailand which you can see by clicking the link.. So if either of you are reading this, I can have fun too!! I want to show you that you can have just as much fun in the U.S. as you can in […]

As I was editing Vanessa and Toby’s wedding this last week I came across another one of those images that makes the whole day worth it…! I don’t know why but this picture just stands out to me… Anyways it wasn’t in my favorites and I wanted to post it!… And later on tomorrow in […]