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So this is one of 30 blogs that need to be put up. Anyone out there so busy they can’t blog?? Just me? Ok…. Thanks for looking! Cheers! ~Montana Note to couple: Thank you so much for showing me what it means to have priorities straight in your marriage. Thank you for investing such amazing […]

These are my besties and they will stay my besties, forever and ever. They are pretty cool and I love them. ~Montana

I give you the images of Courtney and Jeremy! Such a neat couple and awesome story. To see these two tie the knot was truly touching and pretty awesome to shoot. Their wedding was held at the TBS Ranch up in Anderson California where everyone gathered to see them say “I Do” and then party […]

Gorgeous Couple + Some Beards + Sonoma + My Birthday = The sum of all those things I just listed + a bag of chips. I will leave you with the photos, sorry chips are not included. Birthday photos to follow, but first I give you Elisa and Evan! Enjoy! Thanks for looking! ~Montana

I think it’s gettin artistic up in here!!!Website/Facebook/TwitterThanks for all the support everyone!! ~Montana