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This was so last month, it’s not even funny. Cheers! ~Montana

Words cannot describe how powerful this shoot was to me. Recently, I have been experiencing people and shoots that have been making me think twice about what I do and how I go about it. Forrest and Priscilla recently got news that Priscilla developed a form of cancer. They wanted to be photographed before surgery […]

Day number two! Brett and Tori of, also, Brett and Tori of Montana Dennis’s Friends. Moreover, and then I’ll stop, BroBrett and Toripotamus. #smileface I want to thank everyone that put this event together and spent countless hours working so that it all could go off without a hiccup. Cassie Jones for all her […]

East Bay, let’s go represent!Cheers, ~Montana

A baker, his wife, and his son. Cheers! ~Montana