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Brookview Ranch, CA, Wedding : Courtney and Dj

I had to post all of these. Sorry not sorry for all 70. Enjoy enjoy! These two and everyone involved were so awesome toView full post »

Venture, CA, Engagements : Gina and Derek

These two are special to our family. Cheers Gina and Derek! ~MontanaView full post »

Saint Louis, MO, Wedding : Katie and Brian

The locals on planet earth. I love them. Cheers! ~MontanaView full post »

Ojai, CA, Wedding : Lauren and James

Wedding Wednesday! Boom goes the cannon! Cheers! ~MontanaView full post »

Tehachapi, CA, Wedding : Brooke and Tanner

Babbling Brooke and Tanner than ever! Ya Brah! YEW!! Cheers! ~MontanaView full post »

Santa Barbara, CA, Engagements : Jennifer and Jake

Both of my hands approved this message. Cheers! ~MontanaView full post »

Saratoga, CA, Wedding : Hana and Patrick

This is what my trigger finger can do. Cheers and have a nice day, punk! ~MontanaView full post »