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Let's create some art

When we met up they did not know who I was. Thank you mustache, thank you very much. Cheers!!! ~Montana

Supercalifradgilisticexpialidocious!! They are married! Woooooohhhhooooo!!!!! Cheers ~Montana

I just pushed the button.  =) Enjoy! I think I am in love. Film* =) We singlehandedly destroyed. Boom. Montana

Nikki and John drove to Santa Barbara to take pictures, then we took the pictures, then we got food. I think they enjoyed themselves. Smile faces into oblivion. These two are hilarious by the way, I think the second photo will explain most of it. Enjoy. And then my film. Cheers, ~Montana

I did shoot film on this shoot in case you were wondering and I had an allergy attack as well. Who would have thought! I love these two! Cheers, ~Montana