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I want to start off by saying thank you to all of you that keep up with my work and enjoy my photography/life. It is such a joy to share what I create and see on a daily basis. On July 15th I turned 27 which, in my mind, seems like one of those awkward […]

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! The week is starting off nicely. My Sunday was pretty spectacular with Julie and John. I have to say that in the few years I have been doing this job every couple that I meet and get a chance to be a part of becomes part of my […]

At 10:30 AM on a beautiful Wednesday morning I met Julie and John and then we made these. Enjoy. You guys are the best!! Thanks for lookin! ~Montana

What can I say!! These two brought the adorbs!! They are seriously totes adorbs. Just look at their faces. Totes adorbs right? Ok I am done. They were amazing by the way. Enjoy! Thanks for all the support! I loved photographing John and Kari! If you want to see their engagements click on this link!! […]