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It got windy so I said, “Hey stop being so windy, wind!!!” and then proceeded to wield my camera like a lasso and the wind said, “Ok ok fine, I will cooperate.” Actually none of this happened except for the whole part about the wind….. Enjoy! Totes Thanks!!!! And when I say Totes Thanks I […]

I will not tell you much more than you need to know. Having said that I won’t saying anything else other than one more thing. That thing is. Scroll my friends, just scroll. Smileface Thanks so much for looking!!! ~Montana

Hey everyone!! Super excited about this blog! I shot with my Bood Guddy or Good Buddy Josh Newton and had a blast! Congrats to Carrie and Stephen and their whole family! Such a pretty day that allowed for some beautiful graphs!!! And when I say graphs I mean graphies. And when say graphies I mean […]

This was such a special day for not only Kalé and Joel but for me. I got to spend time with two of the most genuine people, now friends, on Saturday!! Such a cool relationship and now I get to be a part of capturing such a special day for them! I hope you enjoy […]

I had such a blast with these two. Justin and Alaina were so beautiful to work with and they had such and amazing wedding day! They are such a sweet couple and I was so privileged to be a part of their big day!!! I hope everyone enjoys these!!! Cheers. Thanks for looking and I hope everyone […]