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This is my good friend Christianne Taylor. She is an amazing fashion photographer and allowed me to take some shots in her personal space making these amazingly personal and totally rad-tastic. Enjoy!! Cheers and happy Friday!Website/Facebook/TwitterThanks for lookin!!!! Have an amazing day. I look forward to more of these types of shoots! ~Montana

I want to start off by saying, “Scroll down to see how much fun I had yesterday.” And I will not say anything else.Website/Facebook/TwitterThanks for keepin up with the blog and thanks for all the support! These two were so much fun to work with and I cannot wait for their wedding!!! ~Montana

Couples like this make me love my job more and more. They also make me love people more and more. So after this shoot I can say that I am full of it…. Love that is. A lot of it. So much so that I am going Pro at this love thing. Very Pro. Website/Facebook/TwitterCheers […]

These two are close to my heart. I call this post “When Old Friends Unite: One Gets Married And The Other Shoots The Wedding“. This post will make more sense once you scroll down, not really I just want you to scroll down.Website/Facebook/TwitterI also would like to take this opportunity to say I made it […]