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He was my lead singer. Ya we were in a band together! Don’t be jealous.Website/Facebook/TwitterThanks for checkin out my work!! Much love to all and I hope you have a wonderful week!Cheers, ~Montana

My Bestie was the first shooter, Josh Newton. I was his second bestie and here are a couple of my besties from the wedding.Website/Facebook/TwitterThanks!!Cheers, ~Montana

Let’s just say we are best friends.Website/Facebook/TwitterThanks so much for all the support!!!Cheers, ~Montana

I am so tempted to tell you to scroll down. So I will. Scroll down to see a lot of 2011 and some 2012. Enjoy.Website/Facebook/TwitterThanks for checkin out the blog!!! There should be a Best of 2011 coming soon!! ~Montana