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I was listening to music when I made this post!! It’s true, blogging makes me listen to music and music makes me blog, it’s a problem I know. Check these two out, they were pretty amazing and Adorbs. ( Adorable ) *I just shortened it. Enjoy! Website/Facebook/TwitterThanks for checking out my work!! Cheers, ~Montana

I blame Mondays for making me blog. I am in a coffee shop by the way.Website/Facebook/TwitterThanks for checkin the blog!!! I appreciate all the support!Cheers, ~Montana

I am so excited to be speaking with the Showit Team this year!!! If you are going to WPPI in February come over and visit and meet some awesome photographers/speakers, it is going to be awesome!!! I have the honor of speaking with one of my good buddies and amazing photographer, Jeff Shipley, on the […]