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These three are more than two. And that is where I will leave it.Website/Facebook/TwitterThanks for looking!!!Cheers! ~Montana

This was before Turkey Day.Website/Facebook/TwitterThanks for looking at my work!! I hope that the turkey is settling in everyones’ bellies. ~Montana

This is why you always take your camera everywhere and go on Photo Adventures.. Truth!!! This is my amazing friend Michael Thompson being amazing.. Website/Facebook/Twitter ~Montana

To Elope is not to be confused with Envelope, Antelope, or even Cantaloup (which isn’t even spelled the same but phonetically sounds similar). Just because they have the two similar sounding syllables “e-lope” does not mean it has anything to do with getting married. I thought I would clarify in case that was a burning […]

“Expecting” is a weird word. Say it a bunch of times you will know what I am talking about. Website/Facebook/TwitterThanks for the looking!!! =) ~Montana