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Arisa & Eric : Asheville North Carolina Wedding

Wowzers just does not do justice!! I might pick up and leave to Asheville……. No I’m not, just kiddingView full post »

Anna & Kian : Prescott Arizona Wedding Photography

These two…. These two….. I do not know where to begin. These two people are amazing. They are not onlyView full post »

Stephanie & Kris : Santa Barbara Rockwood Women’s Club Wedding Photography

Smilefaces are my favorite… So are happy couples. This is why Stephanie and Kris are on my blog…. NBD (NoView full post »

All Mine

I love her. She is my Thunder Cat.Website/Facebook/TwitterCheers, ~MontanaView full post »

Samra & Kahlil : Berkeley Wedding Photography

I am going to start a dictionary of all my stupid words. I’ll let you know when I am done. In other news, scrollView full post »

Cj & Mike : Bass Lake Wedding Photography

This was truly an amazing wedding. Two of my closest friends got married and I had the honor of being a part of it whichView full post »