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I just found out that blogging is the cure for most commonly known forms of blog-a-litis… DangWebsite/Facebook/TwitterThank you for looking at my work!! As always, thank you for all the feed back and I hope everyone has a great week!! ~Montana

Lovely as all get out!!!! I wish I could Hashtag these. =) EnjoyWebsite/Facebook/TwitterThanks for your time. If you want to see Their Engagements click the link.. =)Cheers, ~Montana

Traditional Eritrean weddings are so amazing. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of the culture thus far. Aman and Aster were so kind and giving when it came to sharing their two days of craziness with me. The tradition is amazing and I loved watching everything take place, […]

These two are kind of freakin adorably adorable. So I guess I could say I bring you Mr. and Mrs. Adorably expecting a little Adorably. Hhmmm That kinda works. =) Website/Facebook/Twitter Thanks for looking!!! Cheers to all! ~Montana

Jen, from Something Turquoise, contacted me a little while back to see if I would like to be featured on her blog. Of course I said yes. This is one of my first times having someone feature my stuff and I would love it if you head on over and check it out, definitely leave […]