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These two got Santa Barbara the way it was suppose to be got’en!!!Website/Facebook/TwitterThanks as always for checkin out the blog!!! Cheers to everyone.. Have an awesome weekend. ~Montana

I just wanted to make a little post for everyone.. I know this is way late but I thought I would share some photos of the Independence weekend. These two are my favorite people, Nicole and Hailey. =)My two girls.Website/Facebook/TwitterThanks for checkin it out! ~Montana

These two are beyond awesome. Such a cool, down to earth couple. I love these so much. Smile face x 1,000,000Website/Facebook/TwitterThanks for checkin my stuff out!! These two were so awesome to photograph. Thank you guys for the amazing time and I cannot wait for the wedding. ~Montana

Presh Presh Presh. So Presh. A blast of a wedding, sweet images, fun with my buddy Michael Thompson, and now for the images of Ryan and Brighton. This was the end of a very long June for me and I can say that it was a great ending to all the shoots!! I had an […]