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Sexy as sexy can get. These two make sexy look good. When sexy thinks about its own definition, there is a picture of these two forever engraved in its sexy heart. I give you the sexiest form of my blog I can ever give. It is, in some way or another, a sexy gift from […]

I am going to start with five great words about these two.. Ok here we go, Awesome, Fun, Spontaneous, Energetic, Sweet, (who cares let’s go over five) Awesometastic, Stupendous, Coolarific, Amazing Sauce….. Kent and Rivka were awesome to be around and a blast to shoot.. Thank you to their whole family and everyone involved that […]

This reeks of Sneak Peek.Website/Facebook/TwitterStay tuned!!! ~Montana

We all had amazing hair.Website/Facebook/TwitterThank you so much for the fun!!!*Where shall the next one be? Email me feedback and if you would like to attend one!!! ~Montana

Love with some extra love and a teeny-tiny pinch of love on the side.Website/Facebook/TwitterTheir wedding is in a day!!! Stay tuned for the wedding extravaganza!!Thanks for looking! ~Montana