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So…. I think these two deserve an amazing word to describe them, so I am going to do my best to make one up on the spot… “doublethreatofawesomecabablitiescouple”… Eh, well I tried.. Danny and Kristen are such an amazing and easy going couple. I cannot wait for their wedding. I know that it will be […]

More to come so stay tuned!!!Website/Facebook/Twitter ~Montana

Such an awesome day!!! I had the pleasure of meeting Sam and Jaelani through Jaelani’s sister, Natalie. I flew up to Portland Oregon to meet them before their big day and had some fun noodling around Portland seeing the sights. Though it was a little rainy we did not let it stop us from creating […]

Portland happened. Wedding will happen!!! Can’t wait!! Congrats you two.Website/Facebook/Twitter Stay tuned for the wedding!!! ~Montana