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I never posted any of these but thought they deserved some airtime. Josh Newton had an Engagement shoot and I tagged along for a little bit and had some fun. He got some sick stuff for them!! Anyways… Blasty Attack!Summersault the crap out of that grass you two!!~Montana

I don’t know what else to say about this wedding other than wow… Bahabelom and Rahwa welcomed Michael Thompson and me into their lives with open arms. We got to see them in some of their most intimate moments and also in some of the craziest moments, which were also some of the craziest moments […]

More to come!!! Stay tuned. ~Montana

To keep this brief and short and to the point and concise. =) This is Bahabelom and Rahwa or Bob and Mimi for short. I am shooting their wedding this weekend in Vegas and we got their engagements done this last weekend up in San Fran. Their wedding will be 2 days long aaaaaannnnnndddddd well!!… […]