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Rob and Kristin. Awesome. So Awesome. They were awesome. I love Awesome. —————————These are just a few from the wedding this last Saturday. I had a blast spending the weekend with them and the gang. We created some Awesome images. Check it! Oh and Rob remember what I said about my autograph. It will be […]

It gives me such pleasure to introduce to you “The Katy” and “The Gabriel”.. Their wedding was none stop fun and interesting from the get-go. Michael Thompson and I were having a blast getting to know their whole family on Saturday. Not to mention about 90% of the crowed only spoke Spanish, also 1% of […]

I am going to start by saying get ready for the biggest post ever!!! Okay now that that is said… Man that is off my chest. Okay Okay.. All joking aside but not completely to the side, Dustin and Vicky are, without a doubt, the most awesomest triple fantastic x 2 people ever… hahaha Yup… […]