Monthly Archives: April 2010

Looking back

It’s funny to look back on shots that you have taken and look at how your style develops as an artist. Well thatView full post »

Jason and Jessica’s Wedding

Jason and Jessica are married!!! Whooooohhoooooo!!! Talk about awesome people. I loved every moment of this wedding. ItView full post »

Coolest Shot Of Ever!!

So I personally think that cool shots just happen. Some people can design something to be so cool that it just blowsView full post »

My friends!!!! and Only my friends!!!!

I thought that I would do a post on the coolest people in my life considering I spend most of my time with them orView full post »

Katy and Gabriel’s Engagements

Katy and Gabriel are two awesome people that are… well awesome oh and splendid ooohhhh and and…. =) I hadView full post »

Gabriel and Katy Sneak Peek

Now I am going to go destroy on some cereal.!!!Gabriel and Katy!!! More Graphs to come.~M’stersView full post »

Arisa Rashidi

My Housemate. A to the R to the other letters !!!!ARISA!!!! Here are some awesome Senior Portraits. FUN!! =) ~MView full post »

Pam and John’s Wedding

Pam and John had a beautiful wedding in Santa Barbara a couple weekends ago. The sun was out and the shots were snappingView full post »

Marcus and Rebecca

Blasterific day with fantasmic people. Catalina + Michael Thompson + a less than capable golf cart = Master Class.View full post »

Jonathan and Sarah Full Post

So good So good So good!!! I love these shots! Jonathan and Sarah are such a cute couple and really allowed me to my jobView full post »