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Let's create some art

It’s funny to look back on shots that you have taken and look at how your style develops as an artist. Well that is what I am above all, an artist, or at least that is what I tell myself. 😉 LOL I was looking back on some shots that I have taken and it […]

Jason and Jessica are married!!! Whooooohhoooooo!!! Talk about awesome people. I loved every moment of this wedding. It was so small and intimate allowing me to really meet everyone and truly feel comfortable capturing two peoples lives on film. Through all the laughs and jokes I know that these pictures will, without a doubt, show […]

So I personally think that cool shots just happen. Some people can design something to be so cool that it just blows your mind but then there are shots like this that “blow my mind”. Hahahaha (That sounds very conceited but I mean it in no such way) I have to say that this is […]

I thought that I would do a post on the coolest people in my life considering I spend most of my time with them or hanging out with them…. Wait I think that is the same thing =).. Anyways they deserve some of this airspace too because I wouldn’t be who I am without them. […]

Katy and Gabriel are two awesome people that are… well awesome oh and splendid ooohhhh and and…. =) I had some fun with them Saturday taking them all around Santa Barbara and showing them some of the variety here!! I got a couple of strange looks like, “Montana…… What?”.. But in the end it was […]