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This last weekend was a busy one!! Go Team! These are my Blastographs!It began with Pam and John. And moved to a far off land in the middle of the ocean!More to come. ~M

Jonathan and Sarah’s Wedding!! More to come!!~M

This guy!!! Steve Bartell is one of my good friends from back home. Our story is strange, which I won’t bore you with, however, how we became better friends is the best part.—- As a side note his father was my home school teacher for most of my life, just a little tid bit for […]

Jessica and Jason are seriously troopers… Anyone that has shot with me, so far, knows that I love to shoot somewhere different every time. It makes me create differently every chance I get and gives the couple something personal and unique. I may not always be able to do this but I try my best. […]

One Word: Awesome!!! Done and Done. Stay Tuned ~M