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Sneakin the Peekin

This last weekend was a busy one!! Go Team! These are my Blastographs!It began with Pam and John. And moved to a far offView full post »

Sneak Peekers!!!

Jonathan and Sarah’s Wedding!! More to come!!~MView full post »

Steve Bartell’s Graduation

This guy!!! Steve Bartell is one of my good friends from back home. Our story is strange, which I won’t bore you withView full post »

Jessica and Jason Engagement Session

Jessica and Jason are seriously troopers… Anyone that has shot with me, so far, knows that I love to shoot somewhereView full post »

Jessica and Jason Sneak Peek

One Word: Awesome!!! Done and Done. Stay Tuned ~MView full post »

Definitions of Man

When taking a look through the dictionary you may come across a word that reads: “Man”….. Now, after you read thatView full post »

!!!Another D-land Excursion!!!

My Favorite Place on Earth!!!!! I wish I could spend every day there.. Well ok not everyday…. But every second! =)View full post »

Going Horse?

You may be wondering why this picture even exists or, more importantly, why there is someone on a motorcycle wearing aView full post »

John and Jennie!

Santa Barbara Goodness on a Sunday night. My friend Janelle wanted me to come along on here engagement shoot today andView full post »