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One more Sneak Peek for everyone today.. Ashley, Brian, and their baby son… What an amazing day! Stay tuned for more

This is a Sneak Peek of Toby and Vanessa’s wedding I shot yesterday… For all that know me just a little, I love pictures that move me and give me the chills. Well the second I took this and looked on my screen it gave me goosebumps to which I immediately gave a “Finger Snap”.. […]

My favorite part of photography is that every couple is different, no one situation is ever the same, and everyday we are inspired differently. Thompson is the man and had me come along on Rob and Kristin’s Engagement session to have some fun and prepare them for the Monty because I have the privilege of […]

Sneak peak of Rob and Kristin’s Engagements. Michael Thompson invited me along for some sick stuff.. And this is one of the many!! —————————— Come back for more..!

Honestly This is one of the reasons I love Santa Barbra so much…—————————–My friend Emilee Hurlburt texted me and said, “Are you taking pictures of the Sunset it is amazing!!” I looked outside and then looked at Josh Newton ,my roommate and fellow “Sniper” as I like to call us Photogs, (I copyrighted that so […]